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Get Ready – HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again

May 19, 2011

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There Is Evidence That HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again And Its Target Is The New Madrid Fault Line

If you are in the New Madrid fault line areas in Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee, be on the look out for glowing clouds, which are a signal of HAARP energy coming through the clouds and being directed into a particular location.

There is now strong evidence coming from the HAARP induction magnetometer that shows several distinct beams which are being transmitted into the region on full blast.

These signals were seen in the Haiti earthquake, and forty hours later there was a devastating earthquake. In Japan the induction magnetometer again showed a beam, and fifty-five hours later we saw the recent Japanese disaster. Now we are seeing these signals again, only now there are four distinct signals reading off the scale, all going off at once. Whatever it is they are doing, it should be huge.

If this attempt is successful, very soon we will see a tremendous earthquake, and it’s self evident that it will be in the New Madrid fault line area.

You may be interested to know that FEMA is also conducting a large weeklong exercise in the New Madrid region that will simulate a catastrophic earthquake.

A quote pulled from the FEMA website states the following:

“The NLE 11 functional exercise, which will simulate a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, is scheduled to take place at venues in the national capital region and throughout the central U.S. These exercise activities are being carefully balanced with the current flooding and tornado-related disasters that FEMA and its partners are responding to, and adjustments have been made to exercise plans accordingly.”

You may remember that just before 911, the government also just happened to be conducting exercises that simulated a similar attack on the area.

All signs point to an attack on the New Madrid fault sometime in the immediate future. Be vigilant and pray.

My Comment: Well, if you really will see glowing clouds in that area, i think that disaster is imminent.

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  1. Lori permalink
    May 20, 2011 8:45 am

    What haarp site is that from? The one in alaska? The induction magnetometer isnt showing nothing major.

  2. May 20, 2011 9:02 am

    Been looking at these magnetometer, waterfall… and other readings of ULF activity for a while now. Yet where is there any evidence to support the claim (that many are making) these readings of ULF and VLF activity are a consequence of any HAARP transmissions? The magnetometer records the existence of varying frequencies in the electromagnetic climate, the SOURCE or REASON for such is not given. Also, can you detail the evidence for the claim, as I don’t see it from the graph you’ve displayed here, that the New Madrid Fault Line is the locality for these ULF waves.
    If you can provide actual verifiable evidence that these readings are of HAARP transmissions, in particular to The New Madrid Fault region, I’m open to receive that, truly am.

    Furthermore, ULF compression waves increase dramatically prior to any tectonic releases, to suggest the presence of ULF prior to an earthquake is a HAARP beam requires detailed evidence to confirm such a claim.

    Also right now, the Earth, Mercury Venus and Mars are about to make perfect alignment, all the same side of the sun, which itself creates massive fluctuations, perhaps even ‘disturbances’ in the EM field. Have these calculations been factored in to how you read the graph you’re presenting here? Every large earthquake, demonstrably so, occurs when major planetary alignments take place. In particular when the Earth is opposite Jupiter.

    As for the ‘glowing clouds’ signifying HAARP? To make such a claim you’d have to discount the evidence that such occurrences are a consequence of sunlight being prismatically refracted through particles, most often found in chemtrails. Again, if you can provide the data to support the claim, ‘glowing clouds’ are are a signal that HAARP is being employed, that would serve better.

  3. May 20, 2011 10:00 am

    Hi Neil, first of all you can see that after activity have been increased, in libya yesterday happened a earthquake:

    I can’t prove you that haarp has turned particular to Madrid fault line, but as you can see here:

    activities has been increased in alaska.. after that a earthquake in libya

    how about the planets alignment, you’re right, it may be..

    As for glowing clouds i saw’d couple of videos on youtube:

    this was in China 2008, 10-20min before earthquake

    and this was in Chilie ,

    best regards..

  4. May 20, 2011 7:48 pm

    Hey thanks for the prompt reply my friend, really appreciated. I’ve seen all these videos, have been following these things for a long time. But my questions remain, I don’t see how you make the jump from charts which show the existence of ULF, VLF waves in the EM sphere, to it is HAARP causing them. I look at the same charts and don’t see the evidence which verifies it is HAARP, you with me? The fact that the magnetometer is located at Alaska HAARP site doesn’t mean HAARP is transmitting. Unless you can confirm with evidence that these graphs are HAARP’s outputs.

    An earthquake occurring off Libya too, yes, following predictable pre-earthquake ULF activity, this is normal. But where is the evidence that the ULF is being transmitted by a HAARP installation?

    The clouds I’ve seen and these too cannot be claimed as being a product of HAARP, for first you’d have to take into account what amount of plasma discharges were being emitted from beneath the ground at the location of the earthquake, another naturally occurring phenomena, which causes many differing luminescant displays.
    The pictures from Chile are again wholly inconclusive, things exploding, plasma discharges from the earth… claiming this as evidence of HAARP actually could do nothing but lose one’s credibility in the cause of raising the collective awareness to HAARP etc…

    I really don’t ask these questions just to be a pain in the butt, I am keenly aware of weather modifications, HAARP’s potential as well as others… but I believe that if we are to be truly successful in reaching a wider collective than those who WANT to believe these earthquakes are man-made, you know the usual ‘conspiracy-cult’ type… we need to be precise, beyond rebuttal with the claims we make in regard to important issues such as this.

    Again, many thanks for your time and consideration.

    • May 20, 2011 11:07 pm

      Yes, I’m with you, this is a long story, we can contradict each other all the night long, but we will not see the truth :)) an yes, you’re right about “”but I believe that if we are to be truly successful in reaching a wider collective than those who WANT to believe these earthquakes are man-made, you know the usual ‘conspiracy-cult’ type… we need to be precise, beyond rebuttal with the claims we make in regard to important issues such as this.” but my version also might be true, thank you! :P


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