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Human/Dolphin translation machine invented!

May 20, 2011

US Scientists have announced that they will soon be testing a newly invented Human/Dolphin communication device in an attempt to access the fountains of knowledge possesed by Dolphins.

See the New Scientist article here, where it dicusses the device and its uses.

In recent times, dolphins have begun to be seen as more than just an aquatic mammal. They have receieved the status of ‘sentient beings’ and have recently been described in this article as ‘non-human persons’.

There isn’t much research done and not many links, but the concept is interesting.

The thread suggests that Dolphins are our ancestors and that if you simulate how a human may evolve in a water-environment, that we would evovle and look near identical to Dolphins. Interesting thought.

Honestly, evolving into a lifestyle of peace and happiness and freedom, while living in the Earth’s oceans – sounds just awesome to me!

Dolphins are undoubtedly HIGHLY intelligent, i wonder what wisdom they could share? I wonder what history they could tell? Perhaps first contact will be with Dolphins and not ETs?

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